Nordic Winter Blanket – UK terms

IMG_2440IMG_2442Yarn: Phildar Phil Express från Favoritgarner

1 skein of each of the following colours:

2 skeins of:

3 skeins of the colour Jeans

Hook:  12 mm is recommended, but I used 15 mm to make the blanket more loose ansd stretchy.

Size: 71 x 120 cm

UK terms used:
st – stitch
ch – chain
dc – double crochet
Ss – slip stitch
tr – treble crochet
ch-sp – chain space

Tips: When you change colour, start the row with a standing dc, or ss + ch 1. If it is a tr, make a standing tr, or ss + ch 3. The blanket is worked in rows back and forth.  Odd rows are the right side, even rows are the wrong side. When it says ”fasten off, it is because I have changed colour on the next row. In the end of the pattern you can find more information about rows and colours.

Ch 41.

Row 1: Tr in ch 5 from hook *ch 1, skip 1 st, tr in next st, repeat * to the end of the row, (20 tr with ch 1  between every tr.)

Row 2: Ch 4 (acts as tr + ch 1), *tr in next tr, ch 1, repeat*  to the end of the row and finish with a tr in the last tr. Fasten off. (20 tr with ch 1  between every tr).

Row 3: Dc in first tr, *dc in ch-sp, dc in next tr, repeat * to the end of the row. (39 dc)

Row 4: This round is worked in the front loop only.
Ch 1, dc in first st, 1 dc in every st to the end of the row. Fasten off. (39 dc).

Row 5: Tr in first st, *ch 1, skip 1 st, tr in next st, repeat* to the end of the row. (20 tr with ch 1 between every tr).

Repeat rows 2 – 5 nine more times, and after that you finish with making row 2. (Totally 42 rows).

Weave in all the ends on the backside.

Rows and colours:
1-2  Ecru
3-4  Jeans
5-6  Glacon
7-8  Jeans
9-10  Rosée
11-12 Jeans
13-14 Ecru
15-16 Jeans
17-18  Bordeaux
19-20 Jeans
21-22  Crème
23-24 Jeans
25-26  Bordeaux
27-28 Jeans
29-30 Ecru
31-32 Jeans
33-34  Rosée
35-36  Jeans
37-38  Glacon
39-40 Jeans
41-42 Ecru